Recycling Grants: What Are They and How To Get Them?

Recycling is an educational opportunity and it encourages sustainable behaviour that students can take outside the classroom. Schools can become key drivers in developing sustainable models within our communities. So don’t waste another minute and get started with our 5 Steps To Start A Successful School Recycling Program.

When it comes to initial funding to start a recycling program many businesses may not have the budget available. Whether it’s a government green grant for recycling businesses or other types of programs that are more generic, there is lots of money out there for the taking you just have to do a little bit of research of which recycling grants you may be eligible for.


  • What is a recycling Grant
  • The benefits of starting a recycling program and the ROI
  • 5 Simple Steps to get a Recycling Grant
  • Resource list of Recycling Grants available across North America

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